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2014.11.21 17:00 Format Update

2014 Super 600 Nationals format has been updated.

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2014.11.17 15:03 Rules Update

2014 Micro Sprint Car DIRT Series rules have been updated.

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2014.11.17 12:59 Race Results

Points race #1 for the 600cc Micro Sprints started the season off in the right way as we had two drivers battled back and forth the whole race for the lead. Russell Snearly and Jameson Colbridge had the fastest cars on the track time wise. But in the end Snearly held off Colbridge and took the victory at POWRi Speedway!

Hard Charger: Nathen Wetherbee and Coop126
Full Results: Click HERE

This week the micro's head to Fairbury Speedway in Fairbury, Illinois for the second points race of the season!

2014.11.09 13:03 Race Results

The 2014 Dirt Series World Finals ended on an exciting high as the big block modifieds put on a heck of a show to end the week at Charlotte. Early in the race Sylvain Moison of Canada jumped out to the early lead from his pole starting position. Within a lap sixth starting Blake Drohman would work his way up to front and overtake Moison. This lead was short lived as Moison and Drohman made contact a lap later causing both drivers to fall. This allowed Russell Snearly to gain the lead for much of the race until the fastest car on the track driven by Marco Lalonde passed Snearly just under the half way mark in the race. Lalonde never looked back as he drove his #21 big block to victory lane capturing the prestigious title of World Finals Champion!

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2014.11.05 18:01 Race Results

It looked as if it was going to be the Russell Snearly show for the entire race and it nearly was until the last two laps. This is when Josh Smith and James Pearson caught Snearly and made it a dash for the finish. Smith and Pearson both overtook Snearly and each led one of the last two laps. But Pearson worked the two final corners better than Smith and took home the first place finish for the 2014 World Finals Sprint Cars!

Hard Charger: Justin Gilmore (17th to 8th)

Full Results: Click HERE

2014.11.02 16:18 Race Results

It wasn't as easy as he would've liked, but Ryan Flaten drove the wheels off his number 15F Bloomquist race car all the way from his 13th place starting spot en route to the victory at the World Finals. Front row starters Josh Smith and Jamie Adams would battle for the races early lead off the green flag with Adams taking control after one lap. Adams would continue to lead for 8 laps while Flaten quickly picked off car after car until he was up to second place. Flaten gained the lead after Adams was forced to pull off with troubles. This is exactly what Flaten needed as he took advantage of this and led the rest of the 42 laps on his way to victory lane!

Hard Charger: Alex Ostenson (17th to 2nd)

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2014.10.27 13:47 Update

2014 Big Block Modified DIRT Series Final Points are now available.

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2014.10.24 13:06 Race Results

The final points race of the BBMS season turned out to be a summation of the entire season as Josh Smith goes on to take the checkers at Lernerville and also captures the 2014 points championship!

Results: Click HERE