Drohman Leads Flag to Flag in SSDS @ "The Pond"
(April 28, 2016) Last Thursday 17 stock cars arrived at the Ponderosa Speedway for the third Street Stock series race of the season. After random heats were drawn, heat #1 would roll out onto the track and get the action started on the night. Justin Clark would lead every lap of this heat but coming out of the final corner on the last lap Josh Smith would overtake Clark and get the win. Heat #2 Jeremy Rucker came from 6th to the front in a flurry as he would pass Zachary Meitzner with 3 to go and hold off Anthony Miller for the win. After adding up passing points and doing an invert the field would be set for the four lap dash. Blake Drohman would best the six car field and capture the pole position for the night's 30 lap feature. Finally once the grid was set it was time to go 30 fast paced laps! Blake Drohman would lead em to the green and lead every lap holding off charges all race from Justin Clark and Jeremy Rucker. With ten to go he would pull away from second place Clark and would cross the finish line first and capture his second street stock series win of the year!

Rotruck Wins 6th Annual Big DAWG 100
(April 21, 2016) Twenty Four Open Wheel Modifieds made their way to "The Burg" Lawrenceburg Speedway (Lawrenceburg, IN) for the 6th Annual Big DAWG 100. This would be the fourth race for the 2016 Modified DIRT Series as well as the third point’s race in the Central Region. Ken Short would show the strong hand in Qualifying as he would set quick time as the top eight would lock their self into the Dash later in the night. Everyone else would be split between two B-Mains where the top two would advance. Seth Chaney would win the first B-Main as Dylan Houser would cross the line second and secure his spot in the 100 lap main event. B-Main, two would be won by the current MDS point’s leader Josh Smith. Justin Clark the winner of the previous two Big DAWG 100's would finish second and keep his hopes of going for three alive. The Dash would be won by James Rotruck and he would start in the prime position for the main event. After the 100 lap A-Main the race officials would have their roles tested as Greg Thompson would be disqualified and suspended from DIRT Series indefinitely. Never the less the 2016 Big DAWG 100 winner would be James Rotruck, Josh Smith would finish second as Justin Clark would finish third.

Snearly "The Snake" Strikes At Perfect Moment
(March 24, 2016) With a mid-week mod change DIRT Series would make the switch to the Dirt Motorsports Sprint Cars hoping to provide better car counts and better racing action. The night would begin with issues with server disqualifying people at the start of the event. The administrative staff would make the decision to turn off the in game cautions and the admins would control them. Eighteen sprints would be registered to do action at I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE). Josh Smith would win heat race #1 while Tim Swan would pick up the win in heat race #2. As the draw was a six in the dash this would put Rodney Pearce and Russell Snearly on the front row. Snearly would use the outside to his advantage as he would pick up the win. Snearly would start on the pole for the main event with Shane Pecore to his outside. Pecore would jump out to the lead and hold off charges from Smith throughout the race. A late caution would fly with only with a hand full of laps remaining. Pecore's car would stumble on the restart and bunch the field up. Smith and Pecore would battle hard as the white flag would fly. Pecore and Smith would make contact in turn one and end both of their nights as Snearly would take full advantage of the incident and pick up the victory. Blake Drohman would finish second as Pearce would cross the finish line third.

Short Charges To Win King of America
(March 17, 2016) Sixteen Modifieds would roll into Humboldt Speedway (Humboldt, KS) for the 1st Annual King of America. Ken Short would show his strong hand early as he would set time with a time of 16.888. The top eight would be locked into the Dash where Ken would draw a three in the invert and put James Rotruck where he would not look back and go on to win the Dash. Andy Jackson would charge from his seventh place starting position in the B-Main to pick the win and transfer into the main event. Now that the field was set it was time to make the last minute adjustments for the 100 lap main event. Short would jump out to the early lead and hold the commanding lead until on a restart he would jump the starts and race officials would move him to the back of the field handing the lead over to Wes Fehrenbacher. Fehrenbacher would take control and hold the lead until the charging Short would take back over the lead and go on to become the winner of the 2016 King of America. Fehrenbacher would finish second as Josh Smith would complete the top 3.

Wes Fehrenbacher Picks Up Win In SSDS @ Screven
(March 10, 2016) Screven speedway was the latest stop on the schedule for the traveling street stock tour here at Dirt Series and what a wild event it turned out to be! Sixteen cars were on hand to do battle so we randomly separated the drivers into two heat races. Heat race #1 would be won by Blake Drohman as he led every lap. Heat race #2 was a better battle as Jason Bookman led the early laps until Rodney Pearce took over mid way through and went on for the win. A four lap dash would be won by Justin Gilmore and he would be the pole sitter for the A feature. 30 laps was the distance for the feature and the early portion of the race was controlled by Jeremy Rucker until halfway through his tires would go away and he would falter. This then gave way for Justin Gilmore to overtake the lead. Gilmore would lead up until a late race restart where he would jump the start and go to the tail of the field. This gave second place sitter Wes Fehrenbacher the lead with only a few to go and he had it dialed in just enough to hold off Blake Drohman and capture his first street stock victory of the year!

Short Takes Care Of Business @ Farmer City
(March 3, 2016) It was time once again for one of the longest running annual event here at Dirt Series and it was none other than the Topless 100 at Farmer City Speedway! Twenty drivers showed up to compete for the nights prestigious title where qualifying right out of the gate proved crucial. After the top 8 fastest qualifiers were locked into the show, we then lined the other twelve drivers up into two separate B mains where their A feature starting positions would be determined by where they finished. B Main #1 would be won by Chad Heck and B Main #2 by Hank Taylor. The top 8 from qualifying would run a quick dash where Josh Smith would capture the pole position for the nights main event. At the drop of the green flag on the 100 lap event, Josh Smith and Ken Short led the field into turn one where ultimately Short would capture the lead after the first lap. Many drivers swapped positions for second to try to contend for the lead but none were successful as Ken Short would go wire to wire and capture his first Topless 100 win!!


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